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Benjamin’s Quest
for Bravery

Join Benjamin on an enchanting journey of bravery and self-discovery. In 'Benjamin’s Quest for Bravery' by Gia Laurent, a heartwarming tale that reminds us that fear is a natural part of life, you'll discover the power of courage, family, and the magic of storytelling. Get ready to conquer your fears!

Written By: Gia Laurent

Illustrated By: Calvin Pham

Published By: Live Life Happy Publishing

About the book

Benjamin, a timid boy afraid of everything, embarks on a transformative adventure with the help of his sister Charlotte, their parents, and the wise Mr. Michaels. In a story that celebrates the courage within us all, readers will be inspired to face their fears, embrace their feelings, and unlock the magic of bravery. This enchanting tale is a reminder that, with a little imagination and a lot of love, even the most fearsome monsters can be defeated. Join Benjamin as he learns to say, 'I am safe. I am not afraid. I am brave. I can do anything.' and find the strength to live life without fear holding him back. A heartwarming and empowering story for all ages.

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"Fear is normal. We all get scared sometimes. But you are not alone. With courage, love, and stories, you can conquer your fears and do anything"

Meet the author: Gia Laurent


Gia is not only the author of this enchanting tale but a visionary dedicated to uplifting individuals through her words and wisdom.

Gia challenges her audience to refocus their attention on what truly matters in life. What sets her apart is her "raw-truth" storytelling strategy, a powerful tool that resonates deeply with readers, offering practical guidance that can be applied both personally and professionally.


Gia's ability to connect authentically with her audience is a hallmark of her work. She provides not just inspiration but actionable insights that drive real change in the lives of those she reaches.

Gia's work is a testament to her belief that every individual can rewrite their own story, leveraging their potential to create a future that surpasses their wildest dreams. Through her writing, she inspires readers to embark on their own quests for bravery, just like the characters in her captivating stories.

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“This book is pure magic and love! Very timely, given the rise in mental health issues faced by children these days. Benjamin’s Quest For Bravery is an incredible book that reminds us all that fear is a natural feeling that can be experienced at any age. Young or old, we’ve all been in Benjamin’s shoes. It’s okay to have courage and to be scared at the same time. Bravery and fear do, in fact, live together. This book is a beautiful reminder that sometimes all you need is some understanding, support, and a few twinkly lights to make things better. Highly recommend this children’s book to kids, parents, schools, and adults everywhere!”

Lisa Halverson, Toronto, Canada

For Librarians and Educators:

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