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Becoming A Ghost

Boy meets Girl.

They exchange numbers and begin to talk.

Boy begins to show that he really can't seem to get enough of Girl.

He texts all the time, sharing beautiful words, pictures, and gestures, showing Girl that she is always on his mind.

Boy sends her corny, old romantic songs and tells her that THIS IS THEM, even though they barely know one another.

Girl secretly melts but is a bit afraid to show it because alas, this is how she got hurt the last time.

Boy tells her that he never really believed in love at first sight but then, he saw her.

Girl and Boy both agree they need to spend time together.

Boy meets Girl for a date.

Boy can't stop looking at her, holding her hand, smiling or touching her hair, claiming that she is just as lovely in real life as her heart was when they began talking online.

Girl now knows that this connection is undeniable for her too.

Boy and Girl begin.

Boy and Girl spend time during their days and nights getting to know one another and truly learning about each other on a deeper level. They date, they talk, and they begin to fall deeper and deeper for one another. They share their hopes, dreams, fears and loves with each other and cannot help but feel butterflies.

Girl truly loves what a gentleman Boy is. How attentive he is and how absolutely beautiful he makes her feel. She finally met someone who is falling for her heart, her ambition, her strength and also excepts her fears and flaws - claiming that she is nothing short of perfect in his eyes.

Boy professes how incredible Girl makes him feel. How he feels as if he has known her his entire life and that she accepts him for who he is in his heart. That she can see past all the flaws that he countlessly lays out for her.

"She may be the one", says Boy and tells her so repeatedly.

Boy claims Girl as his Queen and declares that he only wants to be with her - forsaking all others in the dating world.

Girl is delighted and does the same.

Boy now knows that he has Girl's attention and more importantly her heart.

Girl believes the same of Boy.

Boy's texts, phone calls and visits become increasingly less every week. Claiming work is very busy and his life, hectic.

Girl understands.

Boy and Girl agree to make plans to keep each other a priority in one another's lives - no matter how crazy life gets.

Boy's texts, phone calls, and visits become more infrequent.

Boy only calls, texts or comes over when it suits him.

Girl tries to understand his busy lifestyle and schedule but is missing him and begins to feel like something has changed.

Boy comes over and has a great night with GIrl.

Boy doesn't call or text Girl for 3 days after spending a great night with her.

Girl is sad.

Boy comes over and spends another great night with Girl.

Girl never hears from or sees Boy again.

Girl tries to imagine that Boy has just become busy with work again and tries to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Girl waits.

6 days pass with no sign whatsoever of Boy.

Girl calls Boy, no answer.

Girl texts Boy.

Boy reads texts but does not reply.

Girl is heartbroken.

Girl never hears from Boy again.

I hope you enjoyed this fucked up tale of love and woe - as this is dating in our modern world. As well, you must know that the roles can be reversed and that boys have also been heartbroken in the same way.

I leave you all with this:

To come into someone's life with glorious, profound gestures and words, only in the name of trickery and deception is a crime punishable by all forms of Karma - and she will find you.

Shame on all of you out there who find it "ok" to "ghost" someone whom you've claimed to care about or get to know. For this is without question the most cowardly act, and one of the lowest forms of existence any human can take. Instead, take comfort in the fact of knowing that life can and will go on without you, So, have the guts to be human, even when it hurts. Because it takes more courage to be kind than to be cruel.

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