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Rise Up

All her life all she's seen Are the meanest, hurtful things. That took away her faith in dreams and beautiful things.

She told herself that it would always be like this.  

That dreams were only meant for the lucky and strong.

That things such as this in her life would never exist.

Now she's older and her wounds have made her stronger than you know. Where once pain lived, A heart of steel began to grow. All her life she was told She'd be nothing when she grew older.

That's what her fear told her. All she felt in life were the kicks and the blows, But she vowed that someday, the world would know her name, And in time all the bruises life gave her wouldn't feel the same. When you've been fighting for your dreams all your life, When you've been struggling day and night, to make things right, When fear turns into fire and tears turn into will, That's what drives a sad, little girl instead of keeping her still

Passions no longer buried  Words spoken without pain Making her mark in life As she fights to finally live again.

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