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Management Team

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Gia, is the Founder and President of INKSTANE.


A professional writer, singer and promoter.  She created the Organization in 2013, as a way of mentoring and coaching new artists in the art of writing and music – making a name for herself both in the publishing and music world.


By networking and collaborating with different writers, musicians, producers and DJs, INKSTANE has become a gateway between the upcoming artist and the music industry.


Born, Lucia Gia Giardulli in Toronto, Canada, her first foray into the art of music and writing came when she started singing and song-writing at age 9.  Joining her first professional band, as lead vocalist at the age of fifteen, 

she began living out her dream of singing on stage for an audience.


By the age of eighteen, she was already in her second band – Thus giving birth to the artist now known as Gia.This time, she was not only singing but also exploring her love for song-writing.  It was here that she developed her musical tastes and interests, 

and it wasn’t long before she discovered true love for the written word.   

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