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The Blog

If you enjoy reading about personal development and growth, risen from the ashes of life’s adversities, you’re going to LOVE this page. The content within this blog are all personally written by our founder – Gia Laurent. It’s all about simple wisdom, inspiration, life journeys and mindfulness.  


This blog touches the reader with it’s rawness unlike any other.  It’s unique story-telling will bring you deep into the life of this writer, walking you through both painful and exciting moments of her life. It teaches you that life is filled with lessons.  Some are painful and others are magical, but all leaving you with the opportunity to improve yourself emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes, being the product of your environment can give you exactly what you need to invent yourself in ways that will help you survive this ever-changing world.


Some posts will move you to tears, while others will have you holding your belly in laughter, but all will captivate you. 


Welcome to the INKSTANE Blog!

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