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The Beautiful Messiness Of Feelings

Pain—we have all experienced so much of it in so many different facets of our lives. Every time we feel it happening again, all we can recall is the last time we’ve felt it and how close all the occasions of pain have been. Even if the last time was many months or years ago, the episodes never feel very far between. We often think to ourselves that it is not natural to think that we are constantly in pain, but I assure you, it is the most natural thing humans do. We dwell; we wallow in pain—new and old; it doesn’t matter which. Because eventually, all the pain flows together like a river with no beginning and no end. 


As human beings, we resist pain at all costs. I know I have. Again, it is a very natural thing to do. But what is also natural, and rarely thought of as such, is that pain also means life. In fact, pain is the very essence of life. Pain brings with it many other emotions and feelings. It brings anxiousness, doubt, and fear that our safety is being taken away and that our lives are being compromised or stolen.

Positive things cannot live in negative things. This is what we believe to be true. Yet what we fail to understand is that in the midst of pain, there’s a flicker of hope and a whisper of strength. It’s like your heart is saying, “Hey, I’m still here, still fighting for peace, still dreaming of something beautiful.” And we would know that if we just chose to walk through the pain rather than around it. Despite all the tough times, your heart longs to be noticed and to be loved. It’s urging you to let go of the masks you’ve worn and just be yourself. Feel everything! Be afraid of it, yes, but do it anyway. Don’t shy away from feeling uncomfortable by pretending to be someone else. Charades in time bring pain and hurt too; don’t kid yourself. 



Healing is tough. It means facing life head-on without numbing yourself to the ups and downs. Life is messy, but it’s also beautiful. And if you dive into it, you’ll realize that true fulfillment comes from embracing every experience without being afraid to feel it all.

So be afraid when you have to be; I promise it’s ok. Feel the fear as many times as it comes up, own it, face it, and walk through it. Every emotion has its’ moment, and pain is very well a part of most of them. Feel everything and take your time understanding what each thing means. And don’t be scared to sit in it for as long as you have to. It’s all part of being yourself and learning more about who the true you even is. No matter what, always remember that steel is hardened by fire and made stronger because of it.

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