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Zoey - The Short Film

A short film by Inkstane and Eleven Ninety One
Zoey is a generational short film, about the struggles of mental health battled by our youth. It was selected for the 2020 Canada Short Film Festival and the 2020 Women's International Film Festival (WRPN) and received an Award of Distinction. It was also chosen as the 2020 semi-finalist, in the Cannes International Independent Film Festival (CIIFF). To date, this short film is used in educational forums, to ignite conversations surrounding mental illness and the barriers of societal stigmas around mental health. The film has so far raised over 10K in funding to support mental health initiatives in Toronto, ON, Canada

Film Synopsis:
Zoey prepares a dinner party, for her and her four closest friends. Before the dinner can get to the main course, all goes wrong, and the audience is left with a chilling revelation about the life of one of them.

The film is rated R, for adult audiences only. TRIGGER WARNING Sensitive subject matter and coarse language. Viewer's discretion is strongly advised

Written by
Gia Laurent & Alex Lappano

Produced by
INKSTANE & Eleven Ninety One

Directed by
John Giardulli November 14, 2019

Zoey- Eva Petris @Eva Petris
Anthony- Ben Steele Caldwell
Claire- Sara Cappelli @saracappJude
Jude - Ciara Wood

Madeline- Stephanie Tari @Stephanie Tari
Doctor- Pino Gatto @Pino Gatto​

Photography: Christina Ciddio
Production Assistant: Sadia Fazelyar
Production Consultant: Daniel Pugliano
Original Music, ThemeSong: Pino Gatto
Editor: Emerson Chan
Colourist: Zach Roth
First Camera: Delcan Rolph
Second Camera, Lighting, Grip: Alex Chung
Hair & Make-up Artists: Rosie Vecchione & Michael Elliot
Audio: Aaron Streight

Audio Editor & Re-recording mixer: Daniel Samaan Composer: Ray Guirguess

On November 14, 2019, the Zoey Film Premiere successfully raised $10,000 through a silent auction. This generous contribution was dedicated to supporting mental health causes, with the funds equally divided between two deserving organizations. 

Among the beneficiaries, Hats On For Awareness, an advocate for mental health, received a portion of the proceeds. Notably, Hats On For Awareness sponsors Jack.Org, an organization dedicated to mental health education and awareness. The second recipient, Costi: Family and Mental Health Services, also benefited from the event.

This collaborative effort at the Zoey Film Premiere not only celebrated the art of filmmaking but also made a meaningful impact on mental health initiatives, showcasing the power of community and philanthropy.

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