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Divine Ashes

In the ashes of my darkest night,

I found the flicker of divine light.

Lost in the depths of despair’s embrace,

I sought solace in God’s saving grace.


Through trials deep and shadows wide,

I clung to faith as my guiding tide.

Each step a battle, each tear a plea,

But God’s love whispered, ‘I am with thee.’


On this Ash Wednesday, I begin anew,

A journey marked by trials I’ve come through.

Though the path ahead may seem unclear,

I walk with God, my hope ever near.


In the ashes, I see not just my past,

But the promise of a love that will last.

For in God’s embrace, I find my way,

From darkness to dawn, I am led each day.

My life, my heart, my spirit, and all my strength belong to you, God.

I am merely a pencil in your hand.

Create through me, oh Lord.



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