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Overcoming The Lies of Imposter Syndrome

In life, it’s very common to feel like we’re faking it, especially when we’re diving into new territory or pursuing dreams outside of our normal comfort zone. We are so scared of casting ourselves in roles we never auditioned for or wrote for ourselves. We stand on this stage of our existence daily, feeling like imposters in our own narrative, hesitant to speak our lines or take a leap of faith. Self-sabotage steps in and immediately makes us feel like imposters in our own lives, and it holds us back from embracing new experiences, pursuing our passions, and unleashing our true potential.

The voices of fear and inadequacy are pounding in our ears, convincing us that we don’t belong. Soon, we either give in and give up or we push forward. But we don’t move forward in triumph over those voices in our heads—oh no! We push forward because we just don’t want them to win yet again. So here we go, forward, and all the while truly feeling like we are masquerading as someone we’re not. Stepping outside our comfort zone feels like trespassing into forbidden territory, knowing, almost trusting, that the voices are right and that we don’t belong. These ventures are only reserved for experts or seasoned veterans. But here’s the truth: expertise is not a prerequisite for exploration, and mastery is born from the courage to try because if we are honest with ourselves, it’s not validation we’re looking for; it is self-acceptance.


With all that said, the storm rages on, and we continue to have the courage to move forward. Uncertain but still determined because, somewhere deep down in our souls, we know that confronting our fears is the only way we will ever discover our true strength.


I, like so many others, have been here too. Every time I tackle something new (whether the something new was my idea or not), those nagging doubts creep in, telling me I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy to have this, and that my efforts will all be for nothing and go unnoticed anyway. It’s a constant battle with the voices in my head trying to convince me to give up before I’ve even started. And sometimes, just sometimes, they allow me to work through the entire project all the way to the end in some sort of silence, only to charge at me when I am done. This is sometimes much worse than hearing them at the beginning. It’s more painful, wicked, and deceitful that way.


But on every occasion, my soul somehow breaks through and goes to war for me. It knows full well that my heart is eager but trapped, and my mind is willing but afraid. So, she steps up and is happy to do so. In fact, she loves it! My soul has absolutely no fear or apprehension about fighting for my survival. It takes a lot of time and effort, but somehow she manages to make me understand that those voices are just noise. It is nothing more than that. Throughout the entire war, what fuels my soul is knowing the incredible story that will come of it all.


Storytelling, in its essence, is not the exclusive domain of the experienced or the accomplished. It’s a universal language that transcends credentials and accolades. Sharing our experiences, regardless of our perceived expertise, enriches the tapestry of human connection. Each narrative, each journey, carries its own weight of wisdom, waiting to be unraveled and embraced by those who seek understanding.



It took me half a century to muster up the courage to create a few tangible wins, like a film, a podcast, and now a book. All because I was in my own head, too afraid of what the world would think. But I refused to let fear win. My film may never win any illustrious award, my podcast may never be heard by millions around the world, and I may never be a famous author, but you know what?  The lessons and stories that I told going down all these different roads were worth it. The adventures were many, and they have made all the difference in my life. Now, that’s not to say that the voices stop or the fear goes away—no, sir! If anything, it all becomes more intense, even louder. That’s the funny thing about success (however you measure it); it makes the devil furious that you’ve won, and it will stop at nothing to make sure you doubt yourself once again soon. Its only mission is to see you fail. Not so much in the eyes of others, but in your own.



We must unshackle ourselves from the chains of this self-doubt. We must dare to believe that our voices matter, that our stories have value, and that our potential knows no bounds. For it is in embracing our authenticity that we find liberation—liberation from the constraints of self-doubt, from the grip of imposter syndrome, and from the suffocating embrace of our own fears.


So let us step out of the storm and into the sunlight of possibility. Let us embrace the unknown with open arms, for it is within the realm of uncertainty that our greatest adventures await. And though the path may be fraught with challenges and doubts, remember this: you are not an imposter in your own story. You are the author, the protagonist, and the hero of your own journey. Embrace it. Own it. And let your light shine brightly for the world to see.


To anyone out there reading this, if you are in this area of life and can relate to the struggles of self-sabotage and imposter syndrome, know that you’re not alone. We all have moments of doubt, but we can’t let them hold us back. Every day is a chance to push past our fears and chase our dreams, no matter how long it takes. In the end, it’s not about how quickly we reach our goals, but the journey we take to get there. So, let’s embrace the storm, knowing that on the other side lies the promise of greatness, not to mention the immense delight of being the sole source for shutting down the devil’s plans for our demise. I don’t know about you, but that alone makes me smile every single time!

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