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Go The Distance

Self-Isolation. Social Distancing. Global Pandemic. Stay Home. Stay Inside. Stay 6 Feet apart from one another at all times. All words and phrases that none of us thought we would ever hear in our lifetime.

The Coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19 first made its appearance in the world in December of 2019. By January 27th, 2020, we had our first confirmed case of this virus in Toronto, Canada. No one really understood what that was going to mean for us moving forward, and just how much our lives would be forever altered!

If you have not been deemed an essential service by the Government of Canada, you are being told to STAY HOME, only to go out for food or medical emergencies. You are to stay in your homes, only having any real contact with those who live with you. If and when you MUST go out, you are to adhere to a social distance of 6 feet of another human being. This, in and of itself, has been the hardest ask of any of us. However, the ask is paramount so that we can all stay safe and keep others alive. The World Health Organization (WHO) and leaders from around the globe all say that this is necessary to stop the spread of this virus, which has both infected and killed thousands. As of today, the Coronavirus has infected 44,353 people and has killed 2,350 Canadians alone. Total numbers worldwide are unspeakable. This virus has damaged us on so many levels, not to mention toyed with our mental wellness.

Time and time again, when the world has been hit with global sadness, the one constant that has always helped us get through it all has been music. COVID-19 is no different.

You've seen Instagram and FaceBook videos of people all over the world holding balcony concerts for their villages, in-house musicals for their loved ones and even live time serenades by artists on social media, to help ease the pain of isolation. Music changes your state and alters any emotion - this is a fact. So today, I am both humbled and proud to bring you something that I know will not only alter your mood but keep the message moving forward, about how important it is to "Go The Distance" by staying home.

I'd like to introduce the world to a couple of incredibly talented individuals, who have created a song (and a movement), to support the COVID-19 response to flatten the curve.

Aubrey Noronha, a Canadian recording artist, just released a feel-good song called "Go The Distance (Stay Inside)" The track features Toronto's own Promise, a hip-hop/ soul artist and songwriter. Together, they have created musical genius. This song is not only good for the soul but it may just save our emotional well-being also.

The song was released this past week, with an exciting "extra" of a music video, soon to follow. I have the pleasure of being a part of this video collaboration idea, and let's just say, it will definitely be a "MUST SEE" I truly believe that this is exactly what we need, at a time like this, to help us get through what's to come.

If you've already heard this track then you can agree with me when I say, that it will certainly have you dancing around in your living room, smiling your face off! If you haven't, get it today. The song is available everywhere now:

Spotify I Apple Music I Google Play I Amazon I Deezer

For more on Aubrey Noronha and Promise, please visit and check out our "spotlight" on both artists and their upcoming video release of "Go The Distance"

I assure you that this is only the beginning for both of these artists. As they have much more in store for the world!

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