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Humans, Not Labels

You know, I walk around in this world of ours and it just astounds me how arrogant people sound when speaking about each other. It's the year 2020 and you'd think people would be evolving, what with all the education, technology and movements happening all around us. All the wisdom in the world at our fingertips and I still hear people referring to others as Blacks, Whites, Nips, Packi, and other disgusting derogatory counterparts.  It's maddening to say the very least. Even now, during a global pandemic, we have a president going live on national television, broadcasting to the entire world that his people are dealing with (what he refers to as) "The Chinese Virus." Something he thought was "ok" to say, simply because the virus we are all currently fighting, had its first case originating from China. Sadly, it doesn't even stop there.  Aside from using racist remarks, we have now seemed to become a society that marks people according to their weight, mental health issues, and sexual preferences. I am utterly ashamed of the human race, on a good day and I cannot be alone in this view. We are not a stupid society and yet we act like it, every chance we get.  No matter where you turn,  It seems that we are all Labels, rather than just being human

I heard from a dear friend the other day, who has a beautiful little boy, that happens to be a wonderful mix of Italian and African-American origins.  Sadly, it seems that he is already feeling the cold grips of racism after another little boy in his class refused to stand next to him because his hair looks different than his own. I was appalled to hear such a thing, and how heartbroken she was for her son. Now, I get that children are innocent and will simply comment on what they see but, it's up to parents, families, and teachers to nip this kind of thing in the bud, as early on in their young lives as possible. That we are all the same, one human race.

We are not born racist or sexist, we are taught to be. It's a fact. As adults, we need to really start being accountable, both for our little ones and ourselves.

No, we cannot be with our children at all times and we cannot always control what they hear and pick up outside of the home from others. But, what we can control is our own environments.  Hate breeds hate, so we must hold ourselves accountable for the terms we use and the actions we take.  It’s that simple. 

It stems from a lot of different sources, I understand.  Television, music, and gaming kids are exposed to these days is excessive and it’s hard to be there, every waking moment to flag this kind of messaging and that’s understood. Nevertheless, we've got to try harder.  Something as simple as how you speak to your spouse, partner or members of your household, how we speak aloud about ourselves, is a great start.  Children pick up EVERYTHING and just like sponges, they won't just absorb all the good stuff, but all the bad stuff too. As long as you embed the basics into your children that’s all you can do.  Education, mannerism, charity, and humility start in the home.  As well, don't wait for situations to arise, make this a daily, weekly and monthly conversation. Teach those around you about people, ethnicity and love every chance you get. It's our responsibility to be the change we wish to see. Otherwise, I am truly afraid of the world that our kids will grow up in. All you can do is raise your children and let them go out into the world – hoping they make the right decisions and choices as human beings. 


The truth is simply this: If we want to be a part of a loving and caring society, we must breed one. We must come to terms with how we treat ourselves and each other. Then, we must challenge and hold our political parties to raise its standards and platforms illustrating the same. We must not be afraid to become more visible and vocal on issues such as this, that hinder the quality of life we all live. It is only then that we (and our children) can possibly have a fighting chance at change.

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