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Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War

My heart has been so heavy the last few days. I, like many of you, have ingested too many CNN captions, social media platforms, and personal opinions from others about our current crisis in the world involving Russia and Ukraine.

I cannot seem to go about my day and be happy in my own life, or dare smile too long at something, because it feels wrong. I keep thinking why do I have the right to freedom or serenity while it perishes for others? I just don’t understand how all of this is happening!

Now, I don’t mean the politics of it all because frankly, I’m just about done with all the bullshit agendas that have been about. More so, I’m thinking how could anyone have the audacity to do this in today’s age? This should not be happening in this century. Have we learned absolutely nothing from the past? Do we not know better? We’ve studied and seen what past wars have done and yet here we are, amid another one. War accomplishes nothing except putting innocent lives into the ground. We are dishonoring the memories of past heroes with all this madness because we should have done better. If we are at war in the 21st century it is because as human beings, we have failed as thinking animals.

One man has justified to himself that it is his right to violate all human rights accord in existence, to exude his power over others. He took it upon himself to ignite a roar within the minds of his young soldiers to declare war against another country, for sheer sport. Guns, bombs, death, and fear imposed on innocents, because he wants to try to erase the existence of a nation, not bending to his will. Ripping people from their families, their homes and their peace is monstrous. This man is not human, because to be human would mean that he bares a soul, and a soul cannot possibly exist amidst so much darkness. Trying so desperately to recreate an empire – all for the glory of power. Yet, he sits in an office building somewhere behind the scenes, orchestrating every move, while his people go to die. This does not a leader make! It should be law that any person in power declaring war must be on the front lines, giving his life as others are ordered to. That their loved ones be with them. So, it was in the times of kings, so it should be now.

This is nothing but an act of terrorism, as the coward in charge hides behind an army of sorrow- filled troops, that do not have a choice in the decisions being made for them, or too brain-washed to understand what destruction their leader brings. There is no room in the world for dictators imposing their evil and hatred onto others. It must be stopped.

So, the rest of the countries around the world don’t negotiate with terrorists, but will stand down as this animal wipes out an entire nation of human beings? Because of an intergovernmental military alliance? Because it only guarantees the safety and freedom of its members? Much too much politics for me. There are human beings out there being killed and the world can just sit back and watch, leaving a country to be dismantled? This is genocide!!!

This is not just a war between 2 countries, it affects us all.

I am sad to be part of a world where all we can do is stand by and watch evil kill our fellow human beings. What’s worse, there are people out there insulting and assaulting people of Russian decent for the actions of this crisis. The decisions of government leaders are now being put on its citizens. It is beyond appalling to witness. We are better than this, aren’t we?

And what are we teaching our children? What kind of world are we leaving behind for them?

My prayers go out to all the citizens in both countries, who currently have no voice. My heart breaks for those who are losing countless loved ones over this senseless act. I am looking for miracles every day because I know they exist. I pray that one finds us soon and ends this madness.

To David (Ukraine) – the world sees you and the bravery that you exude during this time of injustice. May your spirit, love, and strength for one another carry you through this dark time.

To Goliath (Vladimir Putin) – Wicked men die painful deaths a thousand times because evil devours itself slowly. For all you have done, may God have mercy on your soul, for you know not what you do.

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