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Path To Revelations

I’m learning that all things come in their own time. That our time isn’t necessarily the right time for things to happen in our lives. There is so much that we try to rush through to get to the desired end result and because of our impatience we fail. We don’t fail because what we want is wrong or unattainable, we fail because we are trying to hurry along a process that shouldn’t be rushed. So the failures are there to keep us in check. To keep us humble, to make us stop and take time to reflect, as we move forward to try again. As we do, we naturally slow down and take the time to plan out our actions more vividly – in order to achieve a better result the next time around.

Another thing that has become abundantly clear lately, is that sometimes our journeys are not just meant for our good. That we go through different trials and tribulations, so that we can learn something to teach others. That a certain path we’ve taken in life is meant to give us a particular clarity that will resemble something remarkable to someone else – and thus being the key ingredient that they needed to get through something along their own road. This is an important thing that we should always remember. We don’t always go through challenging moments in our lives for ourselves, but rather for someone else that will need what we’ve mastered. You will now have it to offer to them.

Most of us go through seasons in our lives, where we continuously believe that we are not where we are suppose to be. That we should have been more, done more, seen more, by now. Because of this perception, we become unhappy, never content or living in the moment. It isn’t until we pass through these particularly difficult seasons that we realize how wrong we really were. That in actuality, we are always exactly where we need to be, in every moment in time. That although our every thought and feeling should be heard and recognized, the universe almost always reveals just how ridiculous we’ve been in our thoughts.

Our lives unfold as they do. There is no magical formula or “right-path” set of rules that ensure a stress-free, harm-free, positively happy life – without any pain. To think otherwise, I believe, is absurd. There are no right or wrong decisions – only choices that we make with the information we have in front of us at that time. So, what may feel right to us today, will not tomorrow. Either way, be confident in the path you follow in this moment. We are all responsible for making decisions that carry us through different episodes in our lives, and we should always do the best we can and leave the rest up to whatever faith you believe in. Regret and “should-haves” take away from our energy.

We all put too much emphasis on what success and failure look like. I see it both in my own life and in the lives of others around me. The fear of not measuring up, the fear of making mistakes, and the fear of being different. This has all inevitably brought me to the conclusion that our perception of successes and failures is horribly distorted, and that fear is the driving force to that distortion. We cannot think or see clearly when we are afraid. In fact fear will keep you from seeing anything beautiful happening. But, if we can somehow get to the other side of that fear, we will almost always find something magical.

Life is a definite mystery for us all. We cannot stop it from playing out, or have the capacity to always keep it easy. But, it’s our daily gift nonetheless, so always make the most of every situation. So, when things get rough (and they sometimes will), always try to remember that nothing is over until it is done. It’s OK if you don’t have the answers or know what to do next. I think that is sometimes the point – to not know. We all need to take a breath and trust that all will be well and unfold as it was meant to. We may not always agree with or understand the journeys we’re on because we don’t know everything – we learn everything. The only way to learn is to let go. The only way around fear is to walk through it. The only way to know where you’re meant to go, is to live in the present, and truly see what is happening now. The only way to succeed is to have as many set-backs necessary, until you finally see the whole picture, slowly. Realize that the come back is always greater than those set-backs. That there is no such thing as failures, only lessons that you will need to ignite your own path, or the paths of others.

In the end, mastering your life will be directly proportionate to how much learning you have done and how what you’ve learned has helped others. We will forever be both students and teachers of life.

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