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The Course Of Love

Isn't it funny how whenever you get your heart broken it always feels like it's the first time? Nobody's ever made you feel that way before, you've never loved anyone so much and you've never felt pain like this. All ending with my personal favorite statement, you will never love like that again.

Love. I honestly don't know which part is worse - how it begins or how it ends.

When it starts, you're completely blind-sided, so you stand your ground knowing full well that you're not just letting any old fool into your soul. Even if they somehow gain entrance to your body, it doesn't mean that it automatically allows them access to your heart. So there you stand, guarded. Fully in control of all your emotions. Your trust buried inside a fortress built as high as palace walls.

Then it ends, leaving you tortured. It's almost baffling how quickly you were tricked to lay down your walls and give love access to everything YOU! You look around and you're all alone now. As a thief would Love took it all and you are now empty. Leaving no stone unturned it robbed you of everything you were, things that took forever to build. The strong, sensible and vibrant person you once were has died, giving way to a new birth of someone entirely opposite.

Like someone being tortured and left to die slowly, you are fully aware of all your thoughts and senses. You will never go back to this Love again but, you know full well that you want nothing more. To go through that all again would be madness and yet, all you crave is one more touch, one more kiss and one more look - the one that always made you shiver all over. You know that trying to turn back the hands of time is nothing but a ridiculous song that sings over and over again in your mind - knowing that it can never be undone.

So there you sit. Caught between the veils of two worlds, both leading nowhere for the moment. You think, "When will it end?" but, no one ever really knows for sure. The answer always has and always will remain with Love. Only Love knows when it is done playing with you and until then, you are but its prisoner.

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