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Wreaking Havoc

Living in today’s world is so scary. We are now moving toward year 3 of a global pandemic, with no real end in sight. But, I guess these sorts of things never end really, do they? Perhaps at some point the surface of the disease comes to a calm, but the aftermath that we are left with mentally, emotionally and spiritually never does. It leaves you feeling assaulted in many ways. I often sit and imagine what it was like for those who lived through harder things like the great depression, world wars, the holocaust and slavery. Sadly, the list of tragic events can go on and on. It never really left them, because something that horrific is carried with you forever. Since the beginning of time, it seems that people have always been at war with one another; ugly wars. People against state, religion, race, creed and now vaccines.

What boggles my mind is that we as human beings are said to be superior of all living things on earth. Superior because we have thinking minds in which to reason with. So why is it that the animal kingdom is more reasonable and calmer than ours? Most of us have had an education. We’ve studied and read about everything that’s happened in history, yet we are doomed to repeat every last bit of it again because we fail to find ways to live in harmony with one another. We are filled with envy, greed and hatred for one another, for reasons that go well beyond our own lives. Generational curses that will never be lifted unless things change, but I fear they never will.

I’m afraid. Afraid of what it will have to take to make us all stop and take notice. Will it be too late by then? I don’t want to live through another war in my lifetime. I don’t want to think about leaving this world for future generations to contend with things like environmental destruction, animal extinction, extreme racial hatred, or people being divided by governments within their own countries – causing nothing but chaos. This world is ours for now, but our younger ones will inherit what we leave them. And what exactly are we leaving them with? Something I think we need to think more about.

For me personally, I am saddened by what this pandemic has done to people on a mental note. Instead of coming together to beat this thing, we are divided now more than we ever were. The one thing I was actually happy about was that this world epidemic was finally putting mental health on the map. I truly thought things would change for the better in this area, but I’m dumbfounded it hasn’t. If anything, it’s made things so much worse.

Most employers aren’t more understanding of the mental health of their employees, they barely cared to begin with. Now, they just shuffle you off with some pamphlet in hand or a website to visit and wash their hands of it all. Do they even understand that there is a massive shortage of Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychiatrists at the moment? It isn’t just hospitals that are overwhelmed with the growing need of care, this arena is suffering also! So, there is no relief. The pandemic hasn’t changed business mandates or deadlines at all. If anything, they demand more of their employees because they are working remotely. Some have even gone as far to communicate that they believe staff aren’t keeping up with day to day tasks because they aren’t being supervised or watched because they are at home, taking the workday at their leisure. Yes, of course that’s the answer. It couldn’t possibly be because we are adults, simply trying to master work, home-life, possibly raising children or taking care of aging parents/sick partners – as well as ourselves. That type of understanding would be absurd. Or, could it be that people are being fired every day, leaving a team of 2 or 3 at times to pick up the slack of 20. But, this is not just solely happening now due to a pandemic, it has always been the case. Businesses and organizations always trying to cut costs by hiring the bare minimum workers and trying to squeeze more from them, instead of hiring more staff to be at full capacity. In today’s world, many employees are being discouraged from calling in sick (and most are told to report to work regardless), much less encouraged to take a mental health day to prevent “burnout”. If workplace stressors aren’t enough, we are now being made to feel that one group is better than another because of personal choice. That fear of non-compliance with a vaccine ultimately means job loss, ridicule, and social divide. That instead of helping, educating and looking at ways to prove the science to people (so that they can come to terms with, and put their fears to rest), we are somehow being left in the dark with actual statistics and omittance of all relevant data. This is how propaganda begins.

More than this, we fail to understand that we are all literally in this together, going through the same thing. We are all sad, stressed out and slowly going mad with the heaviness and restriction that this pandemic has placed on our lives, why not be kind to each other? Why are we all fighting? One day this thing will leave us, but the destruction it leaves behind will remain forever.

I for one do not stand on one side or the other. But, I do think that this is all getting out of hand, becoming more tragic with each passing day. Personal choices and freedoms are being compromised and I’m not ok with that. But, I also fear what the strong divide will do to our health-care, mental care, the economy, and to us as people. It is not okay that there are people out there with compromising conditions and life threatening diseases being denied treatment, because of choices. Or that businesses and dreams have gone bankrupt. It is not okay that our children’s education, and the well-being of the elderly has been placed at the bottom of the pile. Imposing law or mandates have never worked, not in history, not now. I fully understand and appreciate that there must be governing, but there’s a way to do it. I don’t begin to say that I have all (or any) answers, but clearly what we have going on now is simply not working. I never thought I’d have to say this, living in a democratic land and all, but I long for the day when I can be free again. I think we all feel this way. We deserve to live, and I for one cannot wait to get back to living.

I pray that those running workplaces everywhere can somehow become enlightened with the idea that people mean more than making money ever will. That empathy can go a lot further than your bottom line. If you’re already running a beautifully engineered and positive cultured workplace – kudos to you! Perhaps it’s time to teach your fellow peers how to do the same.

I pray that all those struggling with any kind of illness (mental or physical) can find the help and peace they need to carry through this time. May you only be strengthened in your wait.

I pray that all of our health-care workers, truckers, front-line heroes and anyone out there helping bring food, care, and services to our lives be given the resilience and perseverance to carry on.

I pray that all areas of government and state be given the grace, wisdom and clarity to get us through this thing in peace. Be open to understanding and communication, more than you have been.

To the rest of us – I pray that when we do get to the other side of this whole thing, we won’t have forgotten how we used to love and live. Until then, remember to always wear your patience and kindness like armor. If we must educate others, let’s do it in peace, with loads of understanding. It’s the only way.

Let’s do better – all of us! Understand that this thing is the business of all of us, not just some of us.

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