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In The Darkness, There Is Light

I hate the darkness.

But, I have come to realize that darkness is as necessary as the light.

For it is within those moments in the darkness that we are most true and genuine with ourselves, and we see all it is that matters. In that darkness, we become quiet and still. Still enough to hear our deepest thoughts and speak aloud about our regrets without shame. The dark allows us to see who we really are and the changes we must make. It gives us the courage to be seen, for we have no need to hide.

In that quiet we ask for help, we ask for guidance and we ask for forgiveness. Our humility is worn on our sleeve and ego is no longer present.

The darkness is a place of raw emotion, things that cannot be easily seen otherwise. Things that would never be shared in the light on purpose, most days. We come here at times to rest and catch our breath. To heal and grow and rebuild.

It is a place that does not necessarily have to frighten you. Instead, if you let it, it can be a place of solace and comfort.

What scares me is that I never know which I am going to receive when I come to this place of darkness - the good or the bad of it. So, I avoid it at all costs. At least it allows me to believe I have a choice but I don't, not really.

You see, the darkness has a way of drawing you in. Sometimes for your own good and other times to keep you from the light. Either way, its intentions are never really clear, until you are there. But, if we have faith that it here to strengthen us, then it will. If we allow it to speak evil, it will. We are its master, not the other way around. This is what I finally understand. It is how I see you.

Embracing the darkness can be as beautiful as embracing the light. It is sometimes about the meaning we give things that give birth to our fears.

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