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A Season Of Change


A time for rebirth, growth, and awareness. It is no wonder that it is the month of mental health acknowledgment.

This year, Mental Health Awareness has hit its highest peak in known history, thanks to COVID-19.

Now, as an Ambassador for mental health, anything that helps bring some kind of spotlight to the subject, I am grateful for. However, in this case, I find it incredibly sad that it took a global pandemic to make mental illness a priority in our lives. Thanks to COVID-19, mental wellness has been put on the map and on the lips of every human being on the planet,

Perhaps there truly are many reasons why this global virus had to come and take root in our lives. For we cannot deny the fact that its’ truth made us take a long, hard look at how we conduct ourselves and point out what is truly important.

Sometimes it takes a very harsh reality to imbed change. I am just so very sad that it had to come to this, all these lives lost, all this pain and suffering to begin the journey to something different.

So, let this not be in vain. Let us not have lost all that we have for nothing.

I’ve declared MAY 2020 to be the month of change. Find ways every day this month to evoke positive & healthy ways to becoming the new you! Spend more of your time being kind, being humble, and making your mental health ( and the mental wellness of others) a priority. Always remember to check in (both with yourself and others). Do things for others without reward or praise. Be a better human being. Make a change that will not just be for now, during this pandemic, but for life.

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