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Broken Beats The Heart

When you're broken there is a certain place in the darkness, where one's heart goes to die.

There is no noise, only stillness for as long as silence can be endured.

In this place, only images and words survive.

Filling your mind with such madness, that only you, yourself could describe.

Thoughts swirling within your mind's eye like a hurricane.

Each bringing its' own vivid reflection of what's been lost or never found.

Oh, what a cruel bully the mind can be toward the heart.

Never allowing it to forget all it failed to have.

Each memory delivers a piercing blow with no remorse,

Like painful daggers to the soul.

Will it ever recover?

Will it ever see the light again from all the darkness - No one knows.

For now, it lays dormant, beating quietly. 

Awaiting its chance to be wild and free once more.

Until then, broken beats the heart,

Forever keeping rhythm in your soul.

Never truly knowing just how many times the pieces have been shattered,

Or all the times it could have been saved,

When love was all that mattered.

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