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Farewell Tiger - 2022

2022, you will be remembered as a fantastic teacher. This was a year of many wonderful firsts, which I found again.

You were a time of immense healing and preparation for a new moon rising. From burnt ash, I rebuilt a life—not one that was there before, but a new one.

2022, you allowed me to understand the structure and beauty that come with self-fulfillment. I have mastered how to be a complete person all on my own, giving myself all that I have ever needed. Living, breathing, and dwelling in that strength every day helped me truly find my own happiness in both who and what I am.

2022, you demonstrated how fierce I am. You continuously allowed me to prove myself worthy of everything in this life. Reminding me that I was made with a unique divinity. I was made from love and lead with it, both for myself and others. I am not an option but a choice, not a wish or a dream but a strong decision. My worth is no longer questionable but a certainty.

Moving forward to 2023, my happiness, health, and peace are now non-negotiable. They are essentials like breathing. I have set a new vibration and tone for my life, which means that I will no longer be subscribing to what others think, believe, or say about me. That being said, I respectfully leave behind all negative energies.

I always like to start my new year with a word and a mantra to help navigate me through both positive and challenging times.

In 2022, my projection mindset was “I can do hard things” with the word “live” leading the charge.

2023 will lead me with "believe" and the mindset of "no fear, just peace"

I send my gratitude and love to all those who have been a part of my journey in 2022. Thank you for teaching me things, leading by example, and believing in me. I am so blessed to know such incredible people. I hope that the year has been a great teacher for all of you also.

May 2023 bring health, peace, and beautiful blessings to you all.

See you all then!

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