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Our Year Of Maybe

Maybe this year, with all of its turmoil, isn't suppose to be written off. Maybe what we thought was a year of discomfort, incredible loss, and unthinkable pain is really just what was necessary to finally pull the wool from our eyes.

It's funny how in life we only choose to see what we want to see when we want to see it.

Sometimes, it takes immense darkness to see even a glimmer of light ahead. That only in times of great despair can there be potential for growth.

Maybe it takes something like a worldwide pandemic, the gruesome murder of a human being and loss of our rights, our freedom, money, and time to really begin paying attention to all that is wrong - both within and around us.

Let it be known that the year 2020 gave us the many vital tools that humanity needed in order to make and bring much-needed change forward. That this was a year of triumph as well as defeat. A time of tear down, in order to rebuild. A year where we go back to basics and realize that we've been doing everything but putting our best foot forward - toward one another and the world we live in. A reminder that we can do better, are better, and deserve better.

2020. The year in a time when we needed to be reminded of all that is truly important and all that isn't. An awakening, a warning to revisit our values, morals, and judgment - before its too late.

It doesn't have to be the year that destroyed us, it could be the year that saved us all. So, don't be so quick to write 2020 off, be angry, upset or wish it a quick exit. Don't look away from the uncomfortableness this year has bestowed but rather look and face it. See what needs to be different and change it. Reflections in the mirror should be proud moments. But, if they aren't, you know what you must do!

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