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This Is ... Me!

I don't just accept what I'm offered, I only take what I'm worth.

Your effort will be the thing that always gets my attention but, it's your consistency that will allow you to keep it.

I'm very careful with what I put up with and what I will sit through and endure. Not because I'm "high maintenance" or feel that I am better or above you, but because it's in these ways that I am trying to teach you how to keep me in your life. More importantly, I'm trying to show you my worth.

Yes, I am set in my ways and quite comfortable in these surroundings. Not because I refuse change or fear compromise, quite the opposite actually. Instead, I give you a seat at my table to listen to the story of how I got to this place - mind, heart, and soul. Only in this way could you ever truly appreciate, respect and perhaps even admire the journey I have made.

In this world of material things, big egos and conformity, I imagine that it is necessary to know that there are still people within it who strongly believe in and project a moral ethic and code for themselves, as I am very much that woman. The simple belief that truth, values and the realism of my words, are worth more than any currency.

Should you fear me? Not unless you try to come into my life and attempt to taint, disrespect or diminish who you see. It is only then that this woman's generous heart, humility, and kindness will retreat back to allow entrance to the darkest part within my soul (oh yes, we all have that tint within us). For it is then that you will see the most merciless of all women standing before you.

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